The Cellar


Find yourself


Lose yourself then find yourself again, like after a long, tiring journey.
Find yourself on your own, with others.
At the table, everyone together.
Find yourself again, in the same place, in the same instant,
separated only by something that can still, in some marvellous and inexplicable way, unite:
the flavour of good food and the taste of good wine.

Patrizia and Antonio - Cellar

The Cellar

The spaces, lights, colours and tiniest details of Bye Bye Blues are designed to create a place where you can lose yourself then find yourself again. Its “pleasant intimacy, which is artful and ironic at the same time”, an inviting intimacy, discreet and never overpowering, diffuses a sense of familiarity, cordial and polite, which is never exactly the same. It is the home that welcomes guests who want to leave the trials and tribulations of daily life behind them, it is a comfort for those who want to forget the hardships, worries and strain of a long and tiring journey, for those who want to lose themselves then find themselves again before the magic of the food and the poetry of the wine.

And since wine is the mirror of the mind, Bye Bye Blues welcomes its guests by showing them its prized wine cellar: hanging and suspended in the Bye Bye Blues cellar, deserving of the admiration of all those who have the chance to read those fine labels of yesterday, today and tomorrow, are 500 jewels from all over the world (Sicily in particular, of course), champagne, rare and hard-to-find vintages, rum and prestigious spirits of every kind.

Lose yourself then find yourself again. Before a mirror, before a cellar, before a bottle of wine, mirror of the mind. Bye Bye Blues is like its cellar: a place without secrets. But

True connoisseurs don’t drink wine: they taste its secrets (Salvador Dalí)