Discover the Japanese Pop-Up Restaurant: until March 17th 2024 in Mondello!

Japanese Pop-Up Restaurant

Japanese Pop-Up Restaurant


Don’t miss the opportunity to live an amazing gastronomic experience between the Japanese culinary tradition and the excellence of our territory.
We wait for you from January 24th to March 17th at the headquarters in Mondello.

Japanese Pop-Up

Special edition menu*

Steamed oysters

Tofu in broth of dashi

Chawan mushi (seafood flan)

Kinpira (stewed vegetable salad, topinambur and sesame)

Nuta (octopus, vegetables and miso)

Tempura of fish and vegetables

Yakiniku (Japanese beef grilled in salt plate, Chinese lettuce leaf and yuzu)


Rice with seaweed and vegetables in salt

Sweet of the matcha


€ 50,00 per person*

*drinks excluded

During the Japanese Pop-Up Restaurant you can taste a special selection of Japanese Sake, Gin and Whiskies.

Japanese Pop-Up

Gin Kyoto distillery

Ki no bi dry gin 45,1% € 20,00

Ki no bi dry gin 54,5% €20,00

Ki no tou kyoto old tom gyn 47,4% € 20,00

Ki no tea 45,1% € 20,00

Ki no bi edition 46% € 20,00


Yamazakura €15,00

Akashi € 15,00


Sake Card

Kubota junmai daiginjo € 12,00

Asahi shuzo dassai 45 € 15,00

Tengumai junmai € 10,00

Nksm kozaemon tokubetsu junmai € 10,00

Aihara ugo no tsuki yamadanishiki tokubetsu junmai € 12,00

Kozaemon junmai banshu yamadanishiki 6wari-5bu € 10,00

Kubota senju tokubetsu honjouzo € 10,00

Denshin tsuchi honjozo € 12,00

Choryo yoshino suginotarusake € 10,00